In the Garden

I spent the morning today and yesterday drawing in the conifer garden.  After so much rain, days and days of rain, it was wonderful to sit in the sun and to observe the sun.  Today felt like spring, so beautiful and mild.

I made a bunch of drawings.

After drawing I went back to my studio and did some fast paintings based upon the drawing.

It feels like the warm season should be beginning, not ending.  That’s how persuasive the sun was today.  But it won’t last long.  And I’m trying to get outdoors in front of the motif while I can.

We will of course have plenty of sunny days ahead — but not warm ones.  And my little fingers will get frozen, and all my landscapes will look like this little grisaille I did.


Sea Shell

Here’s an early watercolor I made of my favorite sea shell, the one that Walter gave me.  I set it in my father’s garden with the petunias and painted it from life —  many, many years ago.  The two curved shapes in the foreground are border stones.  Notice the marigold impersonating a dandelion.  (I know it’s not a dandelion.  My father wouldn’t have permitted it!)

[Top of the post:  Watercolor of a Sea Shell, by Aletha Kuschan]