not obsessed, really

frog teapot and blue jay figurine on aug 1 oil pastel

It’s not an obsession.  Really.  But I have needed more information for the famous froggie teapot and his side-kick the blue jay figurine so I was doing studies of these two — again — yesterday.  I made the little painting first  (10 x 8 inches) and later in the night I drew them in oil pastel.

I think I have what I need to work on the Big Painting now, but I won’t know for sure until I’ve started dealing with that element directly.  I’m painting the picture from the studies. All the creatures will have eyes in the Big Painting.  They don’t have eyes here because it’s too much trouble.  How’s that sound for a deeply artistic reason?

The oil pastel is 12 x 9 inches on tan colored Strathmore 500 series charcoal paper.

frog teapot and blue jay figurine painting (2)

my favorite part of the painting so far

101_1349 (2)

Some years ago I began the painting in which this detail appears.  Now I’m reworking it.  But this detail is my favorite element, and I’m not touching it.  Some of the bare canvas appears between lines.  There’s clear acrylic so it’s not actually bare canvas, but it’s got the color and appearance of the untouched canvas.

Morning drawing

Moving the pen very fast, getting started in the morning.  I look to my old familiar vase of flowers, the ones I always do again and again, and I draw without thinking too much.  Let the pen follow the gaze.  Look and react.

Guess what I drew today

Hint: it’s round, it’s “elevated,” it’s blue!  It holds fruit ….

Give up?

I drew my compotier!  Again!  Dix fois — will be there soon!  Can cent fois be far behind?

Yes, I know there’s other stuff there.  But clearly the compotier is the star of the show.