I’ve never been to Disneyland

Who needs all those rides when you’ve got your own Radio Flyer?  As one might surmise from this view of my studio, I also have a busy imaginative life.  I don’t relax at amusement parks.  I relax washing the dishes.  Give me something where the imagination rests!

I like to paint big pictures. 

Someday I’m going to get some furniture.

(In the lower right-hand corner is a colored pencil drawing, just visible, of a little bridge to somewhere.)


The essence of line

          When I first began to draw, I thought it consisted of something called “eye-hand coordination.”  And I suppose it does.  But as I have spent many years now exploring drawing in all kinds of forms and studying the drawings of master draughtsmen, I realize that drawing is really an expression of ideas.  At its essence it is all idea — almost pure idea. 

If you can imagine something you can draw it.  Of course, everything depends upon the character of that imagining.  A rich pictorial imagination is involved in imagining things even as you are looking at them.  Imagination is a crucial component of seeing. 

With the advent of the computer, drawing is something that you can make with a different tool than a pencil — or the other older tools usually associated with drawing.

But the idea is still the active thing.  In this case the lines were enclosing things:  a house, some trees, a dog.  A world composed entirely of lines.