did I mention that I’m on Instagram?

mirror 3

I’m on Instagram!  And you can follow me via the link below.  And this painting illustrated above — What the Sky says about the Road — is on view at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria through the month of June.


too much a nerd or not nerd enough

flower detail on instagram (2).jpg

I’ve got to learn how to use tags on Instagram.  This above does not fit with this below.

pinturahighlights (2)

My apologies to the ladies at #pinturahighlights!  Seriously, I need to check the tags out first.  Happily for them, the picture featuring a highlight of my painting has gotten totally lost in the crush of hair highlights photography.

But if you want to visit my instagram page — notwithstanding my strange tags — please do.   You can find it here:


on my instagram today

victorian girl on instagram

I posted my Victorian gals on Instagram today.  These are oil pastel portraits based upon Victorian photographs of Julia Margaret Cameron which I made a while back.  If you’re an Instagrammer, come check them out.  I only started using Instagram recently and I love the art that I find there.  On each platform — facebook, wordpress, instagram, pinterest — I find different artists.  There’s a lot of wonderful picture making going on in this world.


Below are two others I posted.  On the left another drawing based on a Julia Margaret Cameron photo, and on the right a copy after Albert Hertel.