Picasso as a Teacher

“One day I said to Pablo:  ‘Why don’t you give me a few basic notions of painting so that I can orient myself a bit in that field?’ But he only answered: ‘The time will come when you will suddenly realize that, without any help from outside, you’ve learned all you need to know.  Anything I might explain to you meanwhile would be of no earthly use to you.’” (Dominguin, 1961)

[Taken from Picasso on Art: A Selection of Views, ed. By Dore Ashton, Da Capo Press: NY, 1972, page 24]


Stealing from Picasso

Picasso was quoted as saying, “I don’t find, I steal.”  Well, I figured if he was stealing, I should too.  Right?

I like to copy the works of artists I admire, from time to time.  I made this copy of Picasso’s portrait of his companion Jacqueline Roque from a little photo I found in a book.  The way that he has turned her features into a design while preserving a likeness was something I found fascinating.  So I copied it.

I think that copying works by other artists is kind of like humming a tune you like.

[Top of the post:  Copy of Picasso’s Portrait of Jacqueline Roque, by Aletha Kuschan, acrylic on canvas]