Ever water and light, ever green and pink

You probably never would have guessed, but even I cannot paint night and day.  No! It’s true.  (Well, I can understand you’re incredulous.)

Anyway, sometimes I must resort to raiding my storage boxes for old works so that I can keep writing a painting blog.  Thank goodness, I squirreled away lots of pictures for a rainy day.  Well, not that it’s raining.  Actually we’re having perfect pre-autumn weather in the Washington, DC, region.  I digress.

As I was saying, this is an old painting.  Don’t know when I painted it.  It’s that old.  (Not me, it.)  I set some green stuff into a jar, set the jar on a yellow pot holder and the pot holder was already setting on a pink cloth.  I started painting.  Painted this. 

Afterwards it seemed to me like a metaphor for creating a whole little world in a jar.  Water, held in glass, green things growing, light and air, and more light.  My little jar of the microcosmos.  And here’s a virtue of painting.  The thought is still there.