new bouquet

new flowers

I have returned from the grocery store, got my flowers, and have begun setting up.  I’ve been trying to get the flowers to jump into the vase that I drew.  Jump, flowers!  It’s hard to mix the real with the strictly two dimensional things.

I’m going to be painting a study for the Big Picture.  As I begin I’ll be looking at this somewhat awkward arrangement.  But once I get the vase indicated I’ll move the drawing off to the side.

The drawing is sitting on a music stand.  That’s because the drawing is the score!

new flowers 2



Last post featured a landscape painting on the easel and I thought I’d be working on it next.  But things have changed.  I have begun making new studies for a motif of flowers that has been floating through my head for some time and which already exists in the form of one “proto-painting.”

So here’s the Limoges vase that I’ve drawn before.  I’m drawing it again.  And will be painting it soon too.

Here’s the vase from before:

limoge vase before

And here’s what I wrote when I drew it before: