This is the place I imagine my koi inhabiting.  This is what the linear realm is like, what the world looks like when you’re two dimensional and occupy width and height without depth.  Did you think I was referring to the koi pond?  The real one?  Ah, but my koi are drawings. 

My kid made this picture, or rather she began it and I finished it.   Children are always the first ones to learn some new thing to do on a computer,  just as those who are young at heart are the ones who invent all this stuff.  So, the kid started just twisting the mouse back and forth on the “paint” program and made a beautiful black and white sheet of lines.  When I came along, to whisk her off the computer so she could do her homework, she said “we need to add color.”  And that’s how I became the “second shift,” not being one ever to pass up a chance to put colors down onto a page (of whatever sort).

This is the great cosmic pond — that’s how I think of it.  Here the lines are light, and they just go crazy.


My lament

drawing after Titian whole

I was telling a friend of mine last week, as we strolled through the National Gallery of Art, how much I missed my old friend Titian.   His painting Venus Blindfolding Cupid has been taken off regular view ever since somebody decided that it’s not a real Titian.  The theme is ironic.  Love, blind.  Well, I’d say that some of the Italian curators are have a little vision problem too.  It’s such an incredibly beautiful painting.  Interesting to compare with its counterpart in Italy.  (The image exists in a different version across the pond, probably one reason that the authenticity of the NGA picture is doubted.) 

Alas.  Well, thinking about it got me in motion.  I went digging around looking for a reproduction of the image so I could look at it.  And I made the quick drawing above.  Became quite captivated by the face — which is more ordered than the face of the Italian picture.  Quite possibly the NGA version might be painted by another artist — I’m not saying it’s not.  But it’s such a beautiful painting.  Can’t it be enjoyed simply for what it is?  For its own loveliness?

drawing after NGA Titian