Invention is the Mother of Necessity Fille

attrib to  A Carracci

It started out with Necessity.  She was invention’s mother as in you need something, you make something.  She was like some mothers who say, “go make something of yourself.” 

So Invention did.  Invention made so many things.  And then we got used to the things and decided we couldn’t live without them.  (We’re like that with computers now — remember back when we didn’t have computers…?)  So, soon the inventions are necessities, which in turn become mothers to more inventions. 

Got that?

It’s a classic mother/daughter resemblance.

I found this image in my book on Annibale Carracci.  I used to not own a book on Annibale Carracci, then someone invented this particular book, and it became my necessity, and I couldn’t live without it.  And I don’t.  I bought a copy — where I found this picture — which now I share with you.  Actually, to be picky, it’s only attributed to Carracci.  But what the hey?

We should all be making something like this.  It’s very modern.  Faces looming out of landscapes.  Feeling the inspiration yet?