details across the wide canvas

figurine and frog teapot smaller use (4)

Sorting through the studies for the painting, I find bits that particularly intrigue me.  One of these bits is that passage where a portion of the blue jay figurine is visible through the handle of the frog teapot.  I love passages like that in art and in life.  When I was drawing it — strange as it may seem — I thought this particular passage was so marvelous — in the actual things.

detail of figurine drawing resized (2)

Such passages as possibilities in a canvas measuring 60 x 48 inches are somewhat staggering to contemplate (122 x 152 cm).  But it doesn’t bother me.  It’s not goading like the question of what things mean is goading.  It’s a grand opportunity for pleasure.  It’s like ranging through a large meadow every square foot of which is filled with wild flowers.  The potentials for pleasure are immense.

I think I am basically an abstract painter at heart.  I just need things about which to be abstract.  Perhaps there’s a measure of abstraction in the things also — or in their meanings — in meaning generally.  Maybe meaning can be more flexible and capacious than I realize.