Your own personal Rorschach test

If you want to know the inner contents of your mind, rather than looking at somebody else’s butterfly ink-stain pictures, make some of your own — then look into the in-between details.  There in the indefinable whatever of your heedless marks — those that you made while your mind was all fixed upon some idea — those that look so crisp and abstract when removed from their context — that’s where you look.

And if you want to peer even deeper, stack a bunch of those randomized details one on top of the other, as I’m doing here.  You can find the inner corridors of your brain and you can take a little walk around in there.

Wow, it’s dark in here.  Anybody got a flashlight?

What you’re supposed to do with this deep psychological information is anybody’s guess.  But I know where you can look to find it.  It’s there in the hidden whatcha-ma-call-it moments of the picture.  Your own Rorschach upon which you can endlessly Dr Freud-analyze yourself!

And it’s so deep.