there are bright colors in the World

I like color.  Color is the thing that made me want to be an artist.  Just looking at colors cheers me.  Putting the still life objects on the table, choosing one color to be next to another — this arranging the colors before even beginning to paint.  The colors sitting on the palette.  The light that flows over all the objects.  Reflections, shadows.

And the in-between spaces of the still life really delight me.  Do people know how wonderful the world looks in that couple of inches between the marmelade jar and the Chinese rice bowl?  Or in that passage where the folds in the cloth float behind and near the chrysanthemum vase?

I paint to look at things.  And if my paintings say things, it is “look at this!” and “look at that!”  The world is so amazing to look at.  We ought to be looking at it all the time.