Insomnia Drawings

First I examined my thoughts.  Am I worried about something?  No, I feel content.  I feel cheerful.  I am just awake.

At two a.m. you should not be overly picky.  Why draw the Spanish guitarist again?  Because she is there.  I can lift her up, place her on the table, insert a toothpick under each eye-lid (like a Warner Brothers cartoon character) and begin to draw.  I even decided, what the heck, go for broke, so I drew the edges of various indecipherable things that happen to be around the figurine even though they will only confuse the sense of where she is and what she is.  It was two a.m. and I wanted my page filled with lines. 

Were that they might be sheep and I could count them and fall  … a … sleep ………..

I painted her too.