aqua di rose painting

I found the Aque di Rose vase at the thrift store on August 12th.  And since then I’ve painted it three times.  Many more plans for it.  It’s an amazing vase — the first paintings just scratch the surface.  Sometimes life brings you exactly what you want — that something you didn’t even know you wanted!  But there it is.

Each of us is different and the things that appeal to our sensibilities are different.  For me, part of the enterprise of painting is finding those touchstones.  The subjects of painting do matter to me.  I don’t always know what they are or “should” be — for me, I mean — but when they come into my path, there’s this marvelous sense of recognition! It was you all along!

I never even knew this thing existed — and yet it’s as though I was looking for it.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Here’s the earliest version, the one I painted soon after getting the vase home. The painting above measures 28 x 22 inches, and the one below is 18 x 14 inches.  (A third painting is still under wraps ….)

100_3558 (2)


Blanca’s Brood: Our Nine Baby Hamsters

hamster 1

Hamster No 1, Boy

hamster 2

Hamster No 2, Boy

hamster 3

Hamster No 3, Boy

hamster 4

Hamster No 4, Girl

hamster 5

Hamster No 5, Boy

hamster 6

Hamster No 6, Girl

hamster 7

Hamster No 7, Boy

hamster 8

Hamster No 8, Boy

hamster 9

Hamster No 9, Boy

We took all the babies out of the nest, briefly, for this photo-op during which session we  identified the girls from the boys.  This vital information we need for future reference!  We want to make certain that we exit the hamster business as quickly as we entered it.

Readers will be happy to learn that both mother and babies are doing great!

What we cannot show you yet

Our hamster surprised us yesterday by becoming a mother — rather unexpectedly.  Well, I suppose she was expecting to be a mother.  But we didn’t know.  Indeed, we really have known so little about her.  She’s only been our hamster for a little over a week.  Blanca (that’s her name) was our “free” hamster.  Buy the stuff, get the hamster free.  It wasn’t a promotional gesture.  Blanca was a female hamster sent to the boy hamster only store by mistake.  Because she wasn’t part of their inventory, they couldn’t sell her.  Hence she was free. 

The babies — well, they’re free too, I guess.   Was that promotional on the store’s part?  On the hamster’s part?  We don’t know.  But now we have somewhere between 8 -13 free hamsters.  Hopefully we’ll sort the situation out before there are more free hamsters. 

Would love to share a picture with you, but the mother is in confinement.  Busy mom of an undetermined number of offspring, she isn’t available for the camera or the artist’s pad.  So, Blanca will have to remain a blank-a for now.

We’ve been getting a primer on hamster care here.

UPDATE:  Pictures of the babies!  Here and here.