reinterpretation — riffing on the pattern

101_1328 (2)

Years ago I bought a beautiful table cloth at the Smithsonian institution.  It has one pattern on one side and another on the inside so it’s a versatile still life cloth.  As with anything else that an artist paints it gets interpreted.  The pattern of the real life cloth doesn’t exactly match the pattern of the cloth in the picture.  It’s like jazz — it gets improvised.

And in that strategy the artist finds a great deal to explore and enjoy.  This particular cloth has a great melody.  I never get tired of looking at it, thinking about it, painting it.  Thank you, textile artist, whoever you are who created my still life drapery.

subconscious choosing

When I find a cloth I like at the fabric store, turns out it has something in common with stuff I’ve already painted.

I don’t know it at the time.  I just see something I like.  I’m standing there going “Ooh!  Ahh!”  Soon after, money is changing hands — traveling from my purse to the cash register.

My subconscious has its enthusiasms.  I see.  I buy.  I paint.