more window shopping

the bonnard painting dining room with window etc

There’s one other window that I want to have a look at before I begin working on the BIG painting.  It happens that the Library of Congress has some windows that are rather like the one in Bonnard’s painting of the dining room at the Villa Castellamare.

I would go there right now with my camera, but Mother Nature doesn’t want to do anything these last several days but rain.  Rain, rain, rain all the time.  Of course she’s got to stop raining eventually.  And when she does I’m off to the Library of Congress for more window shopping.  In the interim, I’ve found this picture at the Library of Congress website.

library of Congress window with view of capitol building

As you can see it’s got the balestrade just like Bonnard’s window (top of the post).  Naturally, you will not be seeing the United States Capitol in my painting.  I’ll be finding a landscape to view from this window if I decide to use it.

My teacher Monsieur Bonnard has just whispered something in my ear.  He says that while he used to love to take photographs himself, that if I want to have a better contact with my motif, I should take a little notebook and a stubby pencil and make some DRAWINGS while I stand in front of the actual window.  “Take your photographs, bien sûr, but makes the little Croquis too.”

bonnard croquis fenetre ouverte
Pierre Bonnard, croquis – une fenetre ouverte

So, anyway, either I photograph — AND DRAW —  another window soon, or start building my Ark.  If it’s the latter, I need to get some doggie sailing outfits for Lucy and Zoomie!

Link to the Library of Congress window:

window shopping


I’m shopping for windows for the large painting.  I admit to this first candidate’s being rather ambitious for a window.  I’m not sure how it would work, but I like the idea of an elaborate tracery.  I couldn’t get inside the ballroom of Glen Echo today, so I had to be satisfied with photographing the window from the outside.  And of course whatever window I use for the painting needs a landscape seen through it.  I’m looking for landscapes separately since it’s not often that the window and the landscape are both suited to my longing.

Here is a second, very different candidate at the Jackson School in Georgetown.  Again I had to be content with the outside view and one looking up.  Something about the panes and their colors seemed enchanting.  In this instance perhaps I would use the landscape that’s given, the one reflected on the glass.

But I’m still looking.