flowers acrylic 16x20 one

The earliest depictions of flowers dates back to the Old Kingdom (~2500 BCE) and the earliest evidence of the collecting of flowers in bouquets is demonstrated in the archeological finds of ancient vases.  It’s a motif that’s been around a long time in art.  And it’s still going strong.

I painted this 16 x 20 inch bouquet yesterday using acrylic paints, a medium that I haven’t used in a long time.  Taking it up again is a blast.  I love it.

So you should walk like an Egyptian, think like an Egyptian and paint flowers like an Egyptian.  You can even listen to the song while you’re painting.  Ay oh whey oh.

9 thoughts on “walk like an Egyptian

  1. aloha Aletha. when i think of long ago bouquets i remember an archeological article i read many years ago. it was about a simple grave that was unexpectedly discovered and dated millennia ago. in it was a body—clearly laid out however nothing but dirt place over it—and one other thing. we may be talking Neanderthal even, i cannot quite remember. . . .however also placed in the grave on the chest of the body was a simple bouquet of wild flowers. yeah, we human beings have valued flowers for a long time. i can see the fun you had in this painting through the brushstrokes and color. yeah, fun returning to play with long time friends. fun on. aloha r.

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