backyard landscape oil pastel

An easily distracted artist like myself needs some forms of entertainment so I set up my plein air easel and drew this landscape on a 24 x 18 inch sheet (Strathmore 400 pastel paper) using Neopastels.


I did my plein air indoors — at the window — because — MOSQUITOES!  Even Accuweather reported yesterday that the mosquito situation in Washington DC was intense given our recent weather.

Our weather has been lovely and mild too.  You’d think that mosquitoes would give us a break.

Anyway, I had difficulty actually seeing the whole scene I wanted to draw — long story — so I decided — what the heck — throw all caution to the wind — I took off my glasses, drew with my left hand.

And voila!

I kind of like the wacko gestural effect …

6 thoughts on “something a little different

  1. Love it, I’m going to try that–no glasses, left-handed. Could become the new thing.
    ; )

  2. I hope not, Rosie! Particularly as I seem to be their idea of a special and favorite delicacy. I am glad you like the picture. It was amazing fun to make.

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