koi drawing fast fish group

Spent some time around the koi pond meditating on the agile delights of quickness.  Sometimes you’re just of a mind to play.  Today I drew fast swimmers.  The fast study is very different from other kinds of drawing.  Nicolaides called it gesture drawing when you seek out the essence of the thing from the inside out.  I’m not embarrassed to call it scribbling, though it’s scribbling of a high order.

Made a couple of these today, as well as rediscovered a couple that I’d made in notebooks as exploration for previous paintings.

koi drawing fast scribbly

The gesture of the lines can take on a life of their own.  It’s like listening to the syllables in a word.  The beauty of the activity is something that the artist should continually seek.  We are not just drawing things, we are drawing our thoughts, and discovering the forms and gestures of which thoughts are composed .  Along the way one discovers a world of inner hieroglyphs.

koi drawing fast big guy

My work began today with this drawing above — a study for the “Big Guy” of the koi pond featured in my previous post. 

koi drawing agenor study

Agenor surfaced, too, while I was turning the pages of the notebook.  He’s the star of my first big koi pond.

koi studio view

Here’s the view of the koi studio today with a few of the fish that jumped out of the pond.

11 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. Phantasmagorical. Your fish have such personality. Don’t tell Agenor but I see a bit of catfish in there and a bit of peevedness, but very handsome in the extreme (so that’s OK I hope). That 3rd picture is amazing and I love the way the fish have jumped out of the picture (as fish do).

  2. Magnifique, j’aime le “big guy” le “small guy”, Agenor…j’aurai du me douter que le nom était une clé, Agenor fils de Poseidon, evident mon cher Watson!
    You are in the major league!

  3. What an amazing variety of mediums you have mastered! I recall being impressed by your water colour Koi quite some months ago. Beautiful!

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