After having painted trees until the wee hours, I need a boost!

The surface of the tea in the cup, a smooth darkness, dark with specular highlights, a round dark and fragrant mirror, and the reflections shimmer when the surface moves each time you lift to drink.  Meditative thought-inducing dark drink.  A dark strong tea like mahogany, a strong tea for wakefulness, for resolute motion, to forestall sleep, for a bold thought, and deliberate and fruitful nostalgia.

Ah, still more green!  The landscape pervades all ….


4 thoughts on “Caffeine for after the late night

  1. Pourquoi est-ce que les anglais ditent “green” et non vert? Nous avons vole beaucoup des mots francais, mais pas green. Les coleurs sont trop proches. Chaque langue ont les mots tres anciens qui sont les uns le plus vifs. Les uns qui appartiens de l’enfant et de la commencement du vivre.

    Vert, green, tres jolies images differents mais de meme choses.

  2. Specular highlights are those little dots of light that you see sometimes in reflections, that are especially visible on film.

    I’m glad you liked my cuppa, Gabe, and if I may say so myself it was delicious!

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