My painting of the koi (originally posted on July 14) is coming along.  It’s not finished yet, but the fish are beginning to swim to the top.  I please myself in the discovery that many of my pictures seem to contain metaphors about painting.  (I love the art of painting, and hope that I am and always will be her champion.)

Just as the last layers of paint are the ones that really make the image exist, so the coming of the fish to the surface is like the idea arising into sight. Ideas in art come to us from depths, like images from dreams.  But in the act of painting we bring them toward the light and make them visible.

3 thoughts on “Coming up to the surface

  1. And the fish in your painting are so alive, dynamic in motion just like the ideas. I’ve always loved the metaphor of fish as ideas and have used it a lot in my writing. Another synchronicity in our thinking, amazing. Your fishy fish are much more beautiful than my words though,

  2. Thank you Paul and WRJones for your kind words. It amazes me whenever I find that something I thought of as being so personal and idiosyncratic — like the fish as a metaphor for ideas — turns out to be something that someone else has used “a lot.” Wow!

    It just goes to show, and this is something to which as artists we need to hold fast, that whenever we are most true to ourselves and our authentic lives, we are being true to others also.

    So, I continue with these fish. They begin to seem like individuals, as they come each one peering to the surface. I’m thinking I might be able to get to know them, in a sense, as an author meets characters in a novel being written. These are my “characters,” these curious swimmers.

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