koi ink drawing

My fish have lost their substance.  Sometimes they nearly lose their very fishness.  Without color, swimming in thought, not water.  Without blue.  Fluidity becoming line. 

They became lines.  Line fishes.  Bendy.  Aiming.  Curvalinear.  Unsubstanced.  Black lines.  Thin lines.  Intentions. 

Gestures of upness and downness and all aroundness. 

They used to be fish, but now they are records of my handwriting.

2 thoughts on “Life in two dimensions

  1. Magical. I have been looking into what they are calling these days, visual poetry. It is where the look of the words is as important as the reading of them, and here you are, looking at the same thing from the visual artists perspective. The line blurs beautifully,

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