drawing after Rubens Helena eyes

I do need to talk to you.  Have been wondering what is the way.
You looked so apprehensive, which I’ve decided to take as a huge compliment.
I maybe 54 but I still have a je ne sais quoi even despite an otherwise meager French vocabulary.
So, you should not be apprehensive, but there are still things to learn that defy even the
great educational attainments of golf (in a male cosmos).
So, I’m working the problem.  I will be ingenious and devise something.  And meanwhile
you should teach a Y chromosome to talk.
(At first I misspelled compliment above (complement) and I thought afterwards that was true too.)

8 thoughts on “Chromosomally Speaking

  1. Wow, that is different and superb. A fantastic piece of writing. And the complement compliment thing happens to me all the time too. The other day it was discrete discreet, either way. That is a really great piece of writing. I have waffled on about the end of genre and the idea of a single aesthetic behind all art and this is great example of it.

  2. Paul, Gabrielle,

    This is very very sweet, these compliments (or complements?) I demeure regarding this whatever-it-is, my definitely not-poetry. Am strictly a child playing here. But you guys have inspired me to toss language and mood around some. A little jazz riff with words, say.

    I do not get the golf thing at all. My cousin, an avid golfer gave me an insight into it once however, after discoursing on the topic for what seemed like hours …. Golf is deep, and tis not merely the little ball that gets lost.

    Single aesthetic behind the veil. I like that idea, but you are too kind Mr. Squires.

    I wrote the post and later added the drawing detail which I had posted previously in another context. And with these words, I thought the drawing changed — became really confrontational, almost creepy.

    So that was an interesting jeu. This post was so unlike my others, didn’t know if anyone would comment. Hence these remarks are particularly a delight.


  3. Thats cool that you are inspired to experiment with words Aletha (and Benedicte says she is discovering poetry). The text does make the picture a little sinister (or mysterious) – now you tell us the picture came later. – a trick!).

  4. Elle pense qu’elle voudrait le whacker, ce golfeur wacqué. Certainement, elle préfèrerait un homme non-golfeur. Si’il aime les poissons — le mieux.

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