Made another honey jar drawing this morning, of which this above is a detail.  I was wondering if perhaps I was carrying my honey jar research a little too far.  How many drawings of this set up do I need to make?  Yet I find that I enjoy looking at this same motif again and again.  Moreover, more surprising, I learn something new with each drawing I make.  When a simple meditation upon a honey jar can yield so much perception, you have to wonder about the character of the life we live.  There is so much to see, hear, taste, touch, do and remember in life.  So much to learn — all the time, every day.


5 thoughts on “Learning about the small stuff

  1. yeah. exactly. and drawing the one thing again and again, yet seeing it new, listening to it new, experiencing it new all over again – wow. life.

    yeah, too… i’ve drawn over and over one thing… occasionally… one seed in fact. for 57 days or something like that. and as you point out… it’s possible to learn something new every day when doing this. …of course.. to me… it was a very interesting seed.

  2. It is a beautiful honey jar, so I am not at all surprised that you would like to paint it over and over again – if I could paint, I would paint a honey jar too 🙂

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