Today’s Old Master Copy

drawing after Rubens's Helena

When you’re busy raising hamsters, you’ve much less time for drawing fish.  Alas.  So, to while away the time not spent watching baby hamsters squirm, when I am not busy cooing  — and saying “oh, look!  how cute!”  — I do this.  Today’s copy after an old master is from Rubens’s famous painting of his second wife Helena.

drawing after Rubens Helena eyes

Yep.  Left hand again.  If I keep this up, I’ll be afraid to draw with my right hand again!

Blanca’s Brood: Our Nine Baby Hamsters

hamster 1

Hamster No 1, Boy

hamster 2

Hamster No 2, Boy

hamster 3

Hamster No 3, Boy

hamster 4

Hamster No 4, Girl

hamster 5

Hamster No 5, Boy

hamster 6

Hamster No 6, Girl

hamster 7

Hamster No 7, Boy

hamster 8

Hamster No 8, Boy

hamster 9

Hamster No 9, Boy

We took all the babies out of the nest, briefly, for this photo-op during which session we  identified the girls from the boys.  This vital information we need for future reference!  We want to make certain that we exit the hamster business as quickly as we entered it.

Readers will be happy to learn that both mother and babies are doing great!