I will be the master of cabbages — someday.  Now, there’s the spirit!  Right-oh! 

Or is it just whistling in the cabbage patch?  It will have to be for others to judge.  However I can say this on my behalf:  I persevere.  Another cabbage showed up at the residence and has stood for its portrait, and this one is the darndest frilly thing, the most stuck-up conceited cabbage, all dressed up, all decked out, difficult to draw, show-offy vegetable with an attitude I ever met.

When faced with grand madame cabbage you have to take things apart a little.  So I did several scribbly drawings in the most carefree manner (let Ms. Cabbage chill while I doodle). 

These are just quick-thinking little thingys made using my favorite pen (bit of a comfort tool in that).

They are very abstract, but my brain knows what’s what and it helps to lay down the main ideas of this overly complicated bundle of leaves.  I don’t know if I’ll know what these lines describe whenever I peek back into my notebook years hence.  But I know what they mean now.  And they are rehearsal time for the bigger drawing.  So they are most helpful.

Here she is, below, Her Cabbageness in person.

3 thoughts on “Meet today’s cabbage

  1. I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but that cabbage (the painting and the real thing) is a sassy thing of beauty. I can see why you have become endeared of the cabbage (the ones at the shop are often denuded, unfortunately!) 🙂

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