the babies

This is the babies’ first picture!  They have fur now!  Their eyes are still shut, but they wiggle around constantly — guided by smell.  They squeak.  Indeed, their squeaking kept waking me up last night because they complain more loudly than ever.  There is lots of juggling for their mama’s attention!  

We don’t pick them up yet.  Mama hamster is very protective.  So for now we just peek.  Our hamster surprised us with these babies as I first mentioned in this post here.

mama hamster


4 thoughts on “You’ve Got To See The Babies!

  1. Ils sont trop mimi! (mignon)
    Vite, vite, Aletha, un crayon et du papier avant qu’ils ne se réveillent.

  2. Je compris. I can understand anyone’s reluctance to find themselves similarly “rich” in hamsters! Mimi, ou non! What am I saying! I forgot. Yikes. Les chats! Les chats n’ont pas besoin de hamsters!


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