The bars framing the flowers on either side are products of Pierre Bonnard’s painting that I’m emulating.  They have no other referent.  They’re part of the structure of the window in the Villa Castellamare so I either make stuff up (which may happen) or I follow Bonnard’s lead.  In his painting the two beams are different colors due to alterations in light.  For the present I’m doing what he did so that the left beam is ochre colored and the right is bluish.  (It’s been a long time since I saw the actual painting so I have no idea what the real colors are and book illustrations always exaggerate.)

Anyway it makes me wonder what Bonnard was thinking.  Because the foreground things in my painting are all different from his — especially the flowers — I’ll have to adapt all the Bonnard elements to go with my changes.  All that happens later.

For now I had to decide whether the ochre creeps up and the blue creeps down — and I decided that they do.

Here’s Bonnard’s –

the bonnard painting dining room with window etc

6 thoughts on “weird and arcane things I must ponder

  1. It does have a lot of blue in it. One challenge about posting the changes to the painting, however, is trying to get the color correct. I fear that I shall never succeed. Each photo is different from the others even when the features of the painting haven’t changed. Bonnard’s color is notoriously difficult to photograph, and — ironically — I take heart that some of what I’m doing with color must be working because my painting is similarly resistant to being color correct in the photos! Something about the extremes of color contrast, orange/blue, yellow/violet and to a lesser extent red/green. Thank you, Kerfe

  2. I’ve been using metallic paints, and they look totally different depending on the light. So the photos are something totally different from the paint. It’s interesting.

  3. I have sometimes used iridescent colors in oil pastel and acrylic paint. Impossible to photograph. But people just need to see the real thing, right Kerfe! (When possible …)

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