instagram daffodils

Today on Instagram I posted a painting I made ages ago.  I painted a still life sketch of some daffodils — on paper — am amazed that it has survived through the years.  Oil paint is strong!  even on paper.

I guess I have always loved painting flowers.  Since nature loves making flowers, it’s a great subject, one that’s always abundantly available.  I figure that nature wants us to paint them.

I also posted these.

Doing some blast from the past posting.  It’s fun seeing how paintings I made a long time ago relate to things that I’m painting now.

Come visit! @alethamkuschan

2 thoughts on “today on instagram

  1. Thank you, Margaret. I have always been attracted to flowers because of the color and because of their organic structures. And so a vase of flowers seems (to me) a bit like a tree, and a similar interest in trees (I used to draw trees a lot) seemed to connect to the figure. And so on. We each follow a certain path that runs deep. Finding subject matter is a form of “self portraiture.” IMHO haha! Thanks again.

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