large curtain with flowers (2)

Thinking ahead to future projects, I have begun making studies of drapery.  This drawing above is the largest one of a group.  It measures 35 x 23.5 inches.  I drew it using oil pastels on a dark paper.  Below is another earlier iteration.

curtain in pastel (2)

I got an inexpensive garment rack on wheels that holds the drapery so I can move it anywhere in the room that I like and can turn it around. The heavy cloth has beautiful patterns on each side so it makes you want to draw both sides, first one then the other.  The drawing above is made using traditional pastel on a sanded paper.  It measures 24 x 15.5  inches.  Layers of colors are stacked up upon each other.  I noticed when I was drawing that the folds of the cloth remind me of the ridges of the seashell.

The two pastel drawings below are both drawn using oil pastels. To the far right is a photo of the cloth.


I lose my bearings drawing the cloth.  I get tangled inside the folds, and sometimes I have to count to keep track of the different paths.  Sometimes the tangle grows large and the drawing diverges from the cloth itself, but I just keep drawing.  I learn the cloth.  I like learning a motif.

The drapery is my new toy and a new fascination.  I have wanted to begin while the idea of it is still new, and I have the other projects calling me too.  I have reorganized the room again to make transitions from one picture to another easier.

7 thoughts on “winding paths

  1. thank you, Rosie — I try for discipline and sometimes that works, but I don’t always make it; however I do love drawing and sometimes love works when discipline fails — the objects call me and I gotta draw them. And when the drawing doesn’t look so good, I tell myself to just draw it again.

  2. thank you, Emma, that’s very kind — I have a bunch of still life objects that are inherently beautiful and I want to assemble them for drawings — I just found a box of things I’d forgotten I had, but then too there are so many beautiful things just lying about in the way that Nature sorts stuff. I love the way that light can enfold a thing and make it beautiful almost no matter what the thing is. Trying to depict a bit of that … These are set ups — and the drapery is actually part of an agenda (maybe I’ll say more on that topic later sometime, many posts from now) — but I often think that my still life shelves which just store things are sometimes more beautiful than the motifs I purposely assembled! Randomness has its virtues … haha

  3. I had a thing about drapery and light when I was at university – I used to do oil pastels of my bed and lamp. I think I just didn’t go out much!!

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